Charmayne’s Florist & Cake

A nursery is any place in which something is bred, nourished, or fostered. For 25 years, our next featured small business owner has nourished the needs of countless residents in Elmont and beyond, while fostering a reputation of quality service and reliability as well. Perhaps what makes such longevity so remarkable is that “Charmayne’s Florist” isn’t aContinue reading “Charmayne’s Florist & Cake”

Tudor Barbershop

Barber shops in many ways give insight as to the style and flavor of a community. Customers come in from far & wide just to sit in the chair of someone they can trust for a decent, affordable haircut. People want someone who will complement their features, enhance their look and assure them their moneyContinue reading “Tudor Barbershop”

Milka’s Hair & Beauty Salon

What do you get when you combine years of business savvy with a passion for quality products and customer satisfaction? You guessed it! The Excelsior is proud to spotlight the first merchant in our “Small Businesses, Big Dreams” series and a longtime contributor to the Elmont community. For decades, “Milka” has made her bones inContinue reading “Milka’s Hair & Beauty Salon”

Small Businesses, Big Dreams

              Small business are at the core of a vibrant community. The character of a neighborhood oftentimes shows itself in the relationship between residents and local businesses. Small businesses are unique because they tend to be family-owned, keep the money within the neighborhood and are essentially in charge of theirContinue reading “Small Businesses, Big Dreams”