Tudor Barbershop


Barber shops in many ways give insight as to the style and flavor of a community. Customers come in from far & wide just to sit in the chair of someone they can trust for a decent, affordable haircut. People want someone who will complement their features, enhance their look and assure them their money is well spent. Grooming and hygiene aside, the barbershops that survive and thrive are able to do so largely because of strong ties they have to the people within the community.

For the second feature in our “Small Businesses, Big Dreams” series The Excelsior is proud to spotlight the Tudor Barbershop — arguably the first ever barbershop in this part of town. The following is a brief summary of our interview with longtime barber, Roman of Tudor Barbershop:

Name: Roman

Title: Barber

# of years worked here: 13

Country of Origin: Russia

How did you get into this business?

Ever since back home…back home in Russia I was always a barber.

Do you live in Elmont?

No. Queens.

Why Elmont?

My uncle used to work here. It’s a family business. But he retired about 20 years ago.

How has the culture of the Elmont community impacted your success?

Not bad. We have no problem. The neighborhood is quiet…hard-working customers. All kinds of people…Spanish, Mexican, Black, Jewish. We cut everybody’s hair.

What are some of your goals for the future? (Growth, expansion, relocation, etc.)

We are not sure yet. Only three years left on our lease. We will see. 

Would you be open to accepting volunteers?

No. Pretty much everything I do myself.

What do you want people to know about your business?

Customer service is very important to me. Over 35 years as a barber…I do my very best.

One thing right now you would like to see improve or get better in the Elmont community?

It used to be white. Now [the community] is changing. So far it’s nice, so we are hopeful. 

Many thanks to Roman of Tudor Barbershop for agreeing to do this interview!




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