An Opportunity with The Elmont Excelsior Inc.

We are always looking to add new neighborhood talent to the Elmont Excel team. If you or anyone you know is an aspiring photographer, writer, community advocate, graphic artist, entertainer, blogger, columnist or media personality -- Please email Send us your name and area of interest & we will reach out to you ASAP! … Continue reading An Opportunity with The Elmont Excelsior Inc.

3 Dead After Shooter Opens Fire in Louisiana Movie Theater

4 Principles That Will Make You More Innovative

How many of you miss our inspirational series with Crystal Haynes of A recent article in TIME magazine reveals 4 Principles that will make you more innovative. -The Elmont Excelsior, Inc.

Jamaica Shocks U.S. In Gold Cup Semifinals

Father killed when son allegedly runs stop sign in Queens: NYPD

An Elmont man was killed this past weekend after being involved in a car accident in Queens Village with his son behind the wheel. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this tragedy
-The Elmont Excelsior

WPIX 11 New York

QUEENS VILLAGE, N.Y. — A father was killed over the weekend after his teenage son allegedly ran a stop sign in Queens and collided with another car, police said Monday.

It happened shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday near 119 Avenue and 231 Street in Queens Village.

A preliminary investigation reveals the 19-year-old driver of a Honda sedan blew through a stop sign at that intersection and was hit by another vehicle, police said. The Honda was struck on its right passenger side.

Three people were traveling in the Honda at the time of the crash. The teenage driver and a 47-year-old woman who also was in the car were taken to a hospital and listed in stable condition, police said. A third passenger — Garth Jackson, 50, of Elmont, N.Y. — was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said. NYPD said Jackson’s son was behind the wheel.

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What Does Actress Gabrielle Union Have in Common with an Elmont Family?

Elmont Memorial High School Salutatorian, Harold Ekeh, and his family were featured by wellness brand, Tylenol, in a new ad campaign called #HowWeFamily, led by actress Gabrielle Union as it's official ambassador. In a nearly 3-minute video, the Ekeh family guides viewers through a typical day in their Elmont home, and talks about the true … Continue reading What Does Actress Gabrielle Union Have in Common with an Elmont Family?

Driver Of Pickup Truck Arrested After Limo Crash Kills 4 Bridesmaids

An Open Letter to Sandra Bland

Black Millennials

I understand that Sandra Bland’s family asked that no posts or protests be published or undertaken in her honor. While I cannot understand the tremendous pain her family is experiencing in this moment, I do believe that remaining silent will only embolden her killers and minimize the appropriate coverage her story deserves. Especially given Sandra Bland’s public pro-Black statements, I write this letter to her in pro-Black Love, Resilience, and Responsibility.

Dear Goddess,

My heart is heavy with news of your death. My heart is heavy with thoughts of your body discarded within the confines of a jail cell that you did not deserve to be in. My heart is heavy with the very real possibility of ignorance had I not heard of your story, and the Black women and girls whose names I do not yet know.

I do not believe you killed yourself. I believe you were murdered by…

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“Graduating in the Shadow of Racism”

Written by Karen Chenoweth, Huffington Post, The Education Trust The graduates sat in the sports arena in their green and white gowns, looking sober and exhilarated and silly and nervous. I went to Elmont Memorial High School's off-campus graduation a couple of weeks ago partly to see those terrific kids graduate -- but mostly to … Continue reading “Graduating in the Shadow of Racism”

Elmont Man Abandons His Daughter at a Sandwich Shop in Harlem

Source: The New York Times Crying out “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” the 3-year-old girl walked toward the door of a Subway shop in Harlem, holding a turkey sandwich. “Go back in. Sit down; I’m coming right back,” he responded from the street, according to Mohammed Rahman, a fruit vendor outside the sandwich shop at 281 St. Nicholas Avenue, near … Continue reading Elmont Man Abandons His Daughter at a Sandwich Shop in Harlem