Higher Heights: An Interview with High Jumper Alexander Bowen Jr.

Higher Heights. For us, the phrase isn't just a hashtag or a tagline, but a powerful declaration. A call to action. An affirmation of excellence. An aspirational ideal rooted in a relentless work ethic and a commitment to always improving. We needn't look any further for the physical embodiment of excellence than to behold Elmont's … Continue reading Higher Heights: An Interview with High Jumper Alexander Bowen Jr.

Views From the 6 : A Review

Elmont Graduate, Derny Fleurima, reviews Drake’s latest album, “Views.”


Drake’s new album, Views, was released  on  April 29th, 2016. The hype behind it was crazy. I really need to meet whoever does PR and marketing for this man because the response to the album was absolutely insane. I’m talking over 800,000 copies sold in a week. I’m talking “plat plat only.” However, regardless of the sales, the adulation and the accolades, I don’t think this is Drake’s best project. I don’t think it is anything near his best work.

Views Review


The production on this album was phenomenal. 40 and the other producers did a great job with the inclusion of strings, horns, drums etc. The beats that were fire were FIRE. It was pretty much a hit or miss on this album. It was either great production or terrible quality. The intro is what really grabbed me. “Keep Family Close” has beautiful piano keys to start, supplemented…

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