Celebrating Elmont Students Who Make “A Better Choice”

Source: Sewanhaka Central High School District

The Always a Better Choice Committee at Elmont Memorial honors students who perform good deeds each and every day. These model citizens deserve recognition and make Elmont Memorial a better place. The following students demonstrated goal setting and high expectations – the theme for the month of January.

Zarah Alexis – found money on the floor and returned it to the teacher.

Tori Cole – found a jacket, phone and battery charger and returned it to the main office.

Kelly Williams-Carter and Jayna Douillon – witnessed a student having a medical issue, sought help and made sure she was okay.

Gabriella Edme – returned a phone she found in the bathroom.

Brandon Fils-Aime – returned a lost phone.

Kayla Gaymon and Courtney Johnson – witnessed a student drop a large sum of cash and assisted in the return of the money by reporting what they had witnessed.

Sebastien Guillaume – returned a lost ID to the main office.

Micah Higgins – found a locker full of someone’s belongings, including their violin, open with no lock and reported this to the main office.

Nicholas McPherson and Noah Singh – returned money to student who dropped it.

Jason Richardson – returned a wallet to the main office.

Jasmine Shell — handed in a phone.

Tariere Tebepah – found a cell phone in the band room and returned it to the teacher.

Source: Sewanhaka Central High School District

Hat tip to these good citizens of Elmont Memorial High School! Keep up the good work in school, at home and in your communities!



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