Elmont Memorial High School Honors Model Citizens

Congratulations to Elmont Memorial High School students, Briana London, Jasmine Richards, Mike Jensen-Joseph, Luciendel Plantin, Chenetta Hall, Hailee Walker, Jordan Lugg and Amber Redhead for being recognized as Model Citizens in their school for the month of October 2015. (Photo courtesy of Elmont Memorial High School)


Source: Sewanhaka Central High School District

Each month, Elmont Memorial’s Always a Better Choice (ABC) Committee honors students who perform good deeds every day. These model citizens deserve recognition and make Elmont Memorial a better place.

Congratulations to senior Briana London, who was recognized for returning an iPhone, and sophomore Jasmine Richards, who intervened before a potential fight occurred and diffused the situation.

Freshman Mike Jensen-Joseph was recognized for helping a new student with limited English. For several days, Mike showed the new student around and got him locks, a locker and an ID card.

Freshman Luciendel Plantin was celebrated for informing a teacher that she had accidentally dropped money out of her pocket.

Freshmen Chenetta Hall and Hailee Walker were recognized for going out of their way to help a seventh-grader who felt embarrassed after falling in the cafeteria by consoling and befriending her.

Also honored were eighth-grader Jordan Lugg, who found keys and returned them to the main office, and eighth-grader Amber Redhead, who returned $20 she found on the band room floor.

Source: Elmont Memorial High School, Sewanhaka Central High School District

Congratulations to these students for their acts of kindness, gestures of compassion and for contributing to a culture of selflessness at Elmont Memorial High School. May you all continue to be Model Citizens within and without the walls of Elmont!



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