Higher Heights: An Interview with High Jumper Alexander Bowen Jr.

Higher Heights. For us, the phrase isn’t just a hashtag or a tagline, but a powerful declaration. A call to action. An affirmation of excellence. An aspirational ideal rooted in a relentless work ethic and a commitment to always improving. We needn’t look any further for the physical embodiment of excellence than to behold Elmont’sContinue reading “Higher Heights: An Interview with High Jumper Alexander Bowen Jr.”

Fickle Filly torn down

A few weeks ago the long-time bar, Fickle Filly, was demolished after years of being a recognizable fixture in Elmont. We spoke to a passerby, who says that the adjacent electronics & appliances store, P.C. Richard & Son, has purchased the property and has reserved it to do their car installations. See exclusive photos ofContinue reading “Fickle Filly torn down”