Elmont with one of the highest percentages of Haitian ancestry, research shows

In a recent Facebook post we highlighted diversity within the Elmont community. Among the many countries represented here in this multicultural hamlet, the Haitian cohort has secured a strong foothold in the Elmont community, which is comparable to some of the highest representations of the ethnic group in the region. According to research, Elmont  specifically has one of the highest percentages of Haitian ancestry in New York and throughout the United States, at 10.7%, more than several American cities.

HaitianThe study reports that, “Most Haitians have come to America in the decades since immigration restrictions were loosened in 1965. They settled primarily on the Northeastern seaboard, and in Florida [Epodunk].”

Furthermore, contributors to the Wikipedia page of Haitian-Americans report that, “Between 1957 and 1986, when the Duvaliers ruled Haiti, the political persecution that Haitians suffered caused many Haitian professionals, the middle class, and students emigrated to others countries. Haitians sought political asylum or permanent resident status in many countries such as the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Dominican Republic and Canada (primarily Montreal). Between 1977 and 1981, 60,000 Haitians landed in South Florida, many of them settling to the neighborhood of Little Haiti [Wikipedia].”


Here’s a shorter version of the list of Haitian ancestry across the U.S. – and it features other communities surrounding Elmont as well – such as North Valley Stream and Uniondale. Take a look:

High percentages of Haitian ancestry by community

Golden Glades, Florida – 33.5%
North Miami, Florida – 33.0%
El Portal, Florida – 23.0%
Spring Valley, New York – 23.0%
North Miami Beach, Florida – 19.9%
Lauderdale, Lakes Florida – 15.7%
Lake Park, Florida – 14.5%
Ives Estates, Florida – 13.9%
Immokalee, Florida – 13.8%
Pine Hills, Florida – 12.1%
Belle Glade, Florida – 11.5%
Orange, New Jersey – 11.4%
New Cassel, New York – 11.3%
Irvington, New Jersey – 11.1%
North Valley Stream, New York – 10.8%
Elmont, New York – 10.7% 
Delray Beach, Florida – 10.5%
Biscayne Park, Florida – 9.2%
Mangonia Park, Florida – 9.2%
Lauderhill, Florida – 9.1%
Uniondale, New York – 8.5%

[Via Wikipedia, Epodunk]

If you remember, back in April Elmont was ranked as one of America’s wealthiest Black neighborhoods. Perhaps the Haitian community has contributed to this exception? Or else this suggests a disparity between residents who identify themselves as Black or claim Haitian ancestry? A wonderfully complex phenomenon worth thinking about…



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