Milka’s Hair & Beauty Salon

What do you get when you combine years of business savvy with a passion for quality products and customer satisfaction? You guessed it! The Excelsior is proud to spotlight the first merchant in our “Small Businesses, Big Dreams” series and a longtime contributor to the Elmont community. For decades, “Milka” has made her bones in the hair and beauty – or Cosmetology – industry. With success in both Elmont and neighboring Queens, Milka has earned a reputation as a smart owner with an inspired vision for the service she wishes for her customers to enjoy.


Milka was not able to be interviewed, as she was busy with her work, but it was our pleasure to interview the Store Manager, “Anna.” Here is a brief summary of the Q&A session with Anna of Milka’s Hair & Beauty Salon:

Name: Anna

Title: Assistant Store Manager

# of years worked here: Several months

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico/U.S.

How did you get into this business?

I love cosmetology! I went to school where I studied aesthetics. 

Do you live in Elmont?

No. Queens. 

How has the culture of the Elmont community impacted your success?

It’s been a really positive experience. No complaints; it’s been good. 

What are some of your goals for the future? (Growth, expansion, relocation, etc.)

Actually, we hope to open a day spa sometime in the near future. We’ll have to structurally expand the back in order to make room. It’s exciting!

Are you open to accepting volunteers?

Yes. We already have a volunteer for now, Andy. 

What do you want people to know about your business?

That she [Milka] is a very successful business woman. She has over 30 years of experience in this field, and needs the help of the community to continue her success. 

One thing you would like to see improve in the Elmont community?

More business! Come to Milka’s Unisex Hair Salon & Nail Spa! Top quality human hair & other products supply (516) 792-3716.

We’d like to thank Anna for granting us this interview as she bounced back and forth between greeting customers & tending to the store’s needs while answering our questions. Thank you! And thank you to owner Milka and Andy, the store apprentice for being so friendly as well! 

Relaxers, Colors, Shampoos & Conditioners are all available at Milka’s Hair Salon.

Fun & stylish accessories for women!

100% Virgin Human Hair (Brazilian, Peruvian)

Andy, the Store Apprentice.



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