5 Brothers Kitchen & Cafe


Food is the great unifier. It’s a friend and a support to all, in times of celebration and hardship or simply on a whim and out of necessity. A good, hearty meal can bring together families, strangers and even turn someone’s entire day around for the better and bring them joy. And the better the food, the happier you are. The happier you become, the more you look to share with others and be happy all over again. What a beautiful cycle!
Tasty treats - 5 bros

After opening it’s doors to the public back in early spring, word began to spread fast about the delicious food at “5 Brothers Kitchen & Cafe,” namely their popular “Zinger Burger” (a fried fillet of chicken with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese) and crispy chicken tenders meal with French fries and barbecue sauce.
desserts - 5 bros

Customers also have a variety of tasty desserts and treats to choose from like “Baklava” and cupcakes freshly-made from scratch in store for the sweet-tooths.
BAklaVa - 5 bros

It was almost as though the community didn’t know how much it needed a dine-in restaurant like this one. Which means a lot considering Elmont’s attachment to the former Alden Manor Branch Library that once operated here. Since it’s open though “5 Brothers” has certainly distinguished itself while embracing the Elmont community as a whole. In turn, we here at The Excelsior would like to join many others as we welcome a new community partner.

Here’s a brief summary of our interview with Co-owner, and one of the five brothers, Haroon. Enjoy the pics below as you read…

Name: Mohammad Haroon Bhutta

Title: Co-Owner

# of years worked here: 3 months

Country of Origin: Pakistan

How did you get into this business?

We’ve always had a passion for good food. When we saw this store for rent, we took a chance.

Do you live in Elmont?


Why Elmont?

Elmont has a very great diversity of different people and different cultures.

How has the culture of the Elmont community impacted your success?

People in Elmont are open to trying new things. Many people came and tried our food and most of them enjoyed and are our regulars now. 
Fresh Food - 5 bros

What are some of your goals for the future? (Growth, expansion, relocation, etc.)

We’re gonna be adding more products to the current store soon like Hershey’s ice cream and milkshakes.

Would you be open to accepting volunteers?


What do you want people to know about your business?

Everything is made fresh in the restaurant every day. We also encourage our customers to leave any feedback they may have. 

One thing right now you would like to see improve or get better in the Elmont community?

None at the moment. 

Special thanks to Haroon and the crew at 5 Brothers for helping us with this interview. The local restaurant also offers Free WiFi, and will soon be updating it’s sign outside to increase visibility in the neighborhood.





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