Flash: Speed camera spotted on Dutch Broadway

Drivers mind their speed along Dutch Broadway in Elmont as a school zone speed camera arrives.

Elmont residents have become more vigilant since the community saw a new speed camera installed outside Dutch Broadway elementary school. The camera stands a few feet tall in front of the lawn overlooking traffic running north and south along Dutch Broadway between Virginia Avenue and Tuxedo Drive. Cars can be seen crawling along as no one has plans to pay the $80 ticket if the camera catches you speeding (20 mph+ 10 mph). 20140815_114200



The key is to see this sign and have already slowed down by the time your car reaches the speed camera.

Camera overlooks South Elmont towards the CVS on Dutch Broadway and Tuxedo Drive.

As we first learned via Laura Figueroa of Newsday, the camera is part of  a New York State law that was recently passed which allows Nassau County to install 56 speed cameras, with one in each school district.

Again, here’s a recap of some of the specifics:

  • NYS law authorizes one camera in each school district.
    A total of 56 cameras – mobile and permanent – will be installed across Nassau by October.
  • Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano has said the cameras will generate an estimated $25 million or more for the county each year.
  • Cameras operate on school days, from one hour before school until one hour after, as well as during other school events and for a half-hour before and after.
  • Each violation of 10 mph or more over the posted speed limit will carry a $50 fine and a $30 administrative fee. And there will be a $25 penalty for failure to pay.

We have also received notice of a speed camera outside Abbey Lane School along Gardener’s Avenue in Levittown.

What are some others? Comment below. 

Finally, here is a rough 2014 timeline of school zone speed camera installations:

April 17: Nassau lawmakers approve resolution.

June 25: State law passed.

July 26: Speed cameras begin operation in Nassau County.

October: Expected completion date of all cameras in Nassau county.




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