Letter to the Editor: A Spartan Family Legacy

Words by Sharlee Banatte

I believe this is an amazing story if you are interested.

My parents have been homeowners in Elmont since 1994. My twin sister, older brother, and I, all three graduated from Gotham Avenue Elementary School and Elmont Memorial H.S.

When my twin sister had a son we knew his day would come where he would also attend Elmont Memorial. We did not know his interest in sports and clubs would also carry over. Now that I’ve given you a little background, let me get to the true story.

My nephew, Jeremiah Banatte, attended the 7th-grade basketball tryouts. He made the team and began playing for Coach Corvetti. Fast forward and my nephew also made the cut for the 8th-grade team as well.

As the season came to an end this year, we are amazed and proud to notice these group of young men managed to go through their entire junior-high years undefeated! They won every single game two years in a row (2014-2016) . Wow! Sounds like they made some kind of history or set some kind of record.

They maintain their GPAs and a strong bond amongst each other and their coach to represent for Elmont Memorial, in and outside of school and during home and away games. 

Coach Corvetti told me after a game how much he enjoyed coaching this group of boys and how amazing their friendships are.

I must admit these boys have been playing with each other since elementary school in PAL, and are currently also playing for the Elmont Cardinals and Elmont Lawmen under Coaches Pete Lawson and Kevin Barnes dedication and volunteering their time.

The parents that try their best to make the games and cheer these boys on is great to witness in person. It is more than just a game to us, we formed our own family. We take pride in our town and community. 

As an Elmont Memorial Alumna of the Class of 2004, I am a proud supporter and fan of these boys.

I hope this story is inspiring and a positive reflection for the next generations of Elmont.

7th-grade Undefeated Team: Left to right, Coach Reggie, Olisa, Ivan, Jahtez, Jeremiah, Jordan, Coach Corvetti, Kyle, Gus, Isaiah and Matthew.
8th-grade Undefeated Team: Left to right – Coach Reggie, Gus, Dorian, Jeffrey, Joshua, Coach Corvetti, Jeremiah, Javon, Isaiah, Kyle, Matthew and Larry.


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