Letter to the Editor: Edit Your Rhetoric for Evolving Elmont

Words by Alexandria Harvey* If I were leading a seminar about Elmont, I would probably begin with the following inquiry: When you tell people that you are from Elmont, what is their reaction? If you are like me, you are all too familiar with the widened eyes, raised brows, and gaping mouths. Some recipients of ourContinue reading “Letter to the Editor: Edit Your Rhetoric for Evolving Elmont”

Letter to the Editor: A Spartan Family Legacy

Words by Sharlee Banatte I believe this is an amazing story if you are interested. My parents have been homeowners in Elmont since 1994. My twin sister, older brother, and I, all three graduated from Gotham Avenue Elementary School and Elmont Memorial H.S. When my twin sister had a son we knew his day wouldContinue reading “Letter to the Editor: A Spartan Family Legacy”

Letter to the Editor: Are Elmont Residents Defeated?

Words by Jairo Martinez The colored population of Long Island is in a Defeatist coma.  I recently read a letter written by Elmont, NY native Derny Fleurima to WeAreElmont.com.  The letter refers to his theory that the people of Elmont are educated people but unfortunately “that education simply isn’t correct.”  Fleurima states that regardless ofContinue reading “Letter to the Editor: Are Elmont Residents Defeated?”