The Scene: P. Phileston

When a runaway train is moving at 100 miles per hour, nothing or no one had better get in its way.
Running on pure vision, tenacity and passion, P. Phileston and the cultural movement known as Kella Fella Ent are like a locomotive showing no signs of slowing down.
Phileston, the group’s founder, started absorbing music at an early age and developed into a multi-talented rapper, singer and songwriter.
The versatile Class of 2006 graduate can rattle-off power packed lines with his raps on the one hand, then is able to shift into a silky smooth R&B singer before you even realize he’s the same person.
In our interview, ‘P. Philly’ talks about using social media as an effective marketing tool, what his family thinks of his music and his own thoughts on talent in the Elmont community.
P. Phileston Kella Fella Ent The Scene Elmont Excelsior Community News Music Series
Interview by The Elmont Excelsior. Answers and Music by P. Phileston.
Your Name:
P. Phileston
Favorite album of all-time:
Artist whose legacy you admire:
If you’re referring to people who are alive, JAY Z; If not, definitely Tupac.
Year graduated from Elmont:
Hidden talents:
Some of my hidden talents include playing basketball and boxing.
In what ways has being from or living in Elmont impacted your success, if at all?
Elmont is known for its high population of Haitians in the community. I recently released a video flaunting my Haitian pride, due to the appreciation from my community, the song took off quickly. There is also a high volume of talent in Elmont, this inspires me to further perfect my craft.
Out of other forms of expression, what made you choose music?
I’m extremely passionate about music, I believe that when you can’t live without something, you stick to it. Also, music is a weapon, how you use it can either be deadly or inspirational. I live to inspire others, and that’s what I hope my music does for them.
How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?
I would describe my work ethic as very aggressive, vibrant, yet patient. This comes from watching my parents struggle for years while almost never experiencing moments of rest, although they worked so hard, they never had any complaints.
There are plenty of artists. Does the Internet make it easier or more difficult for your music to reach people?
The Internet definitely makes it easier to reach people. I say this because I have supporters in places I’ve never even been to. I love that the Internet gives me a platform to share my work with people from all around the world with just a few simple clicks.
Do you find that it’s easier for family or for complete strangers to connect with your music?
Definitely complete strangers. It’s nice when people can critique your music without judging you for who you are, they tend to value it more, this is something family sometimes can’t do.
If you weren’t making music, what would you enjoy doing for a living?
I can tolerate doing a lot of things, but if I wasn’t pursuing music, I can’t really say I would enjoy doing anything else for a living.
What is your favorite song of yours and why?
“Sort of Like You,” written by me, is my favorite song. It’s a self reflection type of song. It depicts the moment that I realized I was becoming the one person I didn’t want to become, my father. The emotions I had of feeling like a hypocrite helped guide the lyrics out of me for this track.
P. Phileston Kella Fella Ent 3 The Scene Elmont Excelsior Community News Music Series

Special thanks to P. Phileston for granting us this interview. Obviously, the views expressed in these songs and music videos do not necessarily reflect the views of The Elmont Excelsior. We simply want to elevate these young artists and celebrate their passion for music. Tune in next week as we feature another local artist, right here, back on The Scene.

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