We Started Here: Tamar Charmaine

Many young people still believe in Elmont. For those who have been following The Excelsior’s We Started Here campaign, you’ve already met some of them.

Emerging social leaders, students and young professionals alike; full of ambition, dreams and a vision — not just for their own lives — but for the community in which they desire to live as well.

As we continue on, we are pleased to present yet another emerging leader, and an Elmont native, who keeps engaged in neighborhood activities & is actively invested in her community’s future. A true believer in Elmont — Meet Tamar Charmaine!


Name: Tamar Charmaine a.k.a. “Tammy”

Age: 23

How long you’ve lived in Elmont: 19 years

Schools attended: 

Clara H. Carlson Elementary

Sewhanaka High School (7th Grade)

Elmont Memorial High (8th – 12th Grade)

Dowling College

Connecticut School of Broadcasting


What do you do these days?

I’m a Brand Ambassador & Event Organizer.

What are your career goals?

My goal is to be an Entrepreneur and a Talk Show Host.


What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of never giving up on my dreams by taking the easy way out.

How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?

My work ethic is putting my all into what I believe in. I get my work ethic from my parents and grandparents, they are dreamers and entrepreneurs at heart. My entire life I have watched them all “hustle” if there’s a business opportunity they’re on it.

What do you believe sets Elmont apart from any other community?

We’re a community that defies stereotypes, think about it, a now majority community of color has a high graduation rate and a low crime rate. We are a community that just doesn’t fit into a “box” we have a bit of Suburbia mixed with city I can hop on the bus to get to the Subway or I can go to Roosevelt field. We are unique. If you’re from Elmont you can adapt anywhere.


What do you wish there was more of in Elmont?

I wish there was more unity in Elmont. It’s like if you support one political party here, you can’t be friends anymore with your childhood friends that feel differently. I’m tired of that. I wish we supported each other more. So many successful people have come out of here, I wish we all came together more and instead of keep waiting for handouts from politicians. Imagine if all of us got together and made stuff happen for each other here…we can invest in our own community center to be built so we could have weekly activities and grow closer.


If you could in one sentence, how would you describe Elmont?

Elmont is that place, where you could kick off your shoes, take a breath and say you’re finally home.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten:

To stay true to myself.


A great many thanks to this social ambassador for taking the time interview. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Tammy as she pursues her dreams in media, business and community affairs!


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