Review: We Met the Candidates

Elmont CCC - MTC

The Excelsior was in attendance this past Monday, together with an audience of residents, who came to hear the candidates for elected office share their views regarding Elmont, Nassau County and the State of New York.

The non-partisan event was sponsored by the Elmont Community Coalition Council (CCC) and featured candidates for State Assembly, Senate, Nassau County and U.S. Supreme Court. Here is a roll call, as shown in the photo above, from left to right:


Judge Tammy Robbins - Candidate - Election 2014

Tammy S. Robbins – Honorable Judge, Nassau County Court


Joseph Lorintz Esq - Candidate - Election 2014

Joseph Lorintz, Judicial Candidate, Nassau County (Family Court)


Adam Haber - Candidate - Election 2014

Adam Haber – State Senate District 7, Democratic Candidate


Judge Michael Ciaffa - Candidate - Election 2014

Michael A. Ciaffa – Honorable Judge, Nassau County (District Court)


Judge Steven Jaeger - Candidate - Election 2014

Steven Jaeger, Honorable Judge, Nassau County Court


Judge Helen Voutsinas - Candidate - Election 2014

Helen Voutsinas, Honorable Judge, Nassau County (Family Court)


Judge Fred Hirsh - Candidate - Election 2014

Fred J. Hirsh, Honorable Judge, Nassau County (District Court)

Judge Tricia Ferrell - Candidate - Election 2014

Tricia Ferrell, Honorable Judge, Nassau County (District Court)


Michaelle Solages - Incumbent - Election 2014

Michaelle C. Solages – State Assembly District 22, Democratic Incumbent (currently in office)


*Judge Sharon Gianelli was also present and addressed the audience – Judge Gianelli is a Nassau County District Judge running for election to the Supreme Court, 10th District. A staff person from Congressman Gregory Meeks’ office was also present. Congressman Meeks is the 5th Congressional District Democratic Incumbent, and is seeking re-election against Allen Steinhardt.


Incumbent - Jack Martins - Election 2014

Jack M. Martins, State Senate District 7, Republican Incumbent


Incumbent - Dean Skelos - Unopposed - Election 2014

Dean Skelos, State Senate District 9, Republican Incumbent (Unopposed, or not running against anyone)


Gonald Moncion - Candidate - Election 2014

Gonald Moncion, State Assembly District 22, Republican Candidate


An audience of Elmont residents and surrounding community members listen carefully to candidates before making a vote in November.
An audience of residents gathered at Elmont Public Library on Monday Oct. 13, listening carefully to candidates before they make a vote in November.

No longer than an hour and a half, the forum was efficient. A moderator set the rules. The evening would be split into 2 parts – State candidates for Assembly and Senate would be up first, followed by an opportunity to hear from local judges – each candidate offering reasons as to why they should be elected or re-elected.

For meeting minutes or notes — which include questions asked by the moderator and answered by State Senate & Assembly candidates — please email us at



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