Convenience Store replaces Pawn Shop

Last week, a convenience store made its debut at 800 Elmont Road where a local pawn shop once stood. The new store features all the embellishments and products one would expect from a store of this kind, and is conveniently located at the oft-traveled corner of Linden Boulevard and Elmont Road. Check out the differenceContinue reading “Convenience Store replaces Pawn Shop”

Small Businesses, Big Dreams

              Small business are at the core of a vibrant community. The character of a neighborhood oftentimes shows itself in the relationship between residents and local businesses. Small businesses are unique because they tend to be family-owned, keep the money within the neighborhood and are essentially in charge of theirContinue reading “Small Businesses, Big Dreams”

Water Authority to update Elmont well, raise rates

[via The Island Now] The board of directors of the Water Authority of Western Nassau County approved a 7 percent increase in water rates at a meeting last Tuesday, anticipating issuance of a $40 million bond this fall to support long-term capital projects. Board Chairman John Ryan said the $40 million bond would support aContinue reading “Water Authority to update Elmont well, raise rates”