Elmont Family Fun Day: Taking Hold of a Sacred Opportunity


What does opportunity mean to you? Most especially as a resident of Elmont?

Written by Rachalie Ludree Barthelemy

Before I reveal my response to this question, I wanted to share the following with you.

My name is Rachalie Ludree Barthelemy, a 25 year-old, Haitian American woman whose passions lie in the vast fields of civic leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

I was born in NY. Raised on Long Island in Elmont, where I currently reside.

My parents – otherwise known as my personal sources of inspiration – both emigrated from the beloved country of Haiti in their teens.

They got blissfully married in 1990. (So, I was told, since you know…I couldn’t attend. 😉)

Had me a year later in October. (Go, Libras!)

Then had my partner-in-crime, baby brother, 5 years later.

Reflecting on our journey together, as a family, opportunity was and continues to be one of the central pillars of strength within our family dynamic.

Is the pillar of opportunity one that resonates within your family? What about within the Elmont community?

I believe various forms of opportunity live and breathe within our town.

But, can you see it? Do you have the eyes to detect endless possibilities where others cannot? And if you can, do you possess the infinitely, creative mindset and set of skills necessary to create with such a sacred entity?

To create Keys of the Heart Incorporated (KOTHI), a 501(c)3, tax-exempted, nonprofit organization that currently puts little girls in Leogane, Haiti to school, and On Point Academy, a Private Math Tutoring Company currently for grades 6 to10 – a woman of opportunity is what I had to become.

Opportunity is a sacred path. A path that will lead all who dare to see it, know it, walk it, and ultimately create with it, to a future of higher purpose, fulfillment, love, and endless possibilities.

Opportunity is everywhere and resides in everyone. We all possess the power to create it, attaining our wildest dreams with those seen or unseen.

Therefore, I now ask you this.

Will you attend Elmont Family Fun Day?

Elmont Family Fun Day is an opportunity for residents of Elmont to unite as one unifying force. A force able to move mountains and affect millions, if we so wish it.

We, the people of Elmont, have been given a platform for ideas to be heard, talents to be shared, and for families of one town to get to know one another in one unanimous spirit.

If you agree that opportunity is a sacred path that will lead all who dare down a road of higher purpose, fulfilment, love, and endless possibilities, then will you walk down this path, taking your family with you, hand in hand?

In other words, will you attend Elmont Family Fun Day and embark on this sacred journey of endless possibilities?



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