We Started Here: “Coach T”

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This quote has been ascribed to the late Black luminary, Dr. Maya Angelou, and fits here as we feature the next young leader of our We Started Here series, which celebrates the efforts of Elmont’s best & brightest youth.

Tamar, or “Coach T” as he is affectionately called, lived in Elmont for five years before moving to Queens. Yet he never forgot about the community he once passed through and is now one of Elmont’s neighborhood leaders.


Here in Elmont,  Coach T dedicates his time, energy and expertise to young boys & girls in the community who aspire to play sports and achieve in school. More than just a coach — Coach T encourages his youth, believes in them and is deeply invested in each of their growth & development — as students, as athletes and as future leaders in society.

Without further ado, here is our interview:

First Name: Tamar a.k.a. “Coach T”

Age: 24

How long you’ve lived in Elmont: I lived in Elmont for 5 years.

Schools attended: Middle School 53, Queens

Elmont Memorial High School – Benjamin N. Cardozo High School Graduate

Lehman College Grad


What are your career goals?

My career goals is to one day have my own basketball training facility/academy providing student athletes with resources and opportunities in education and sports.

What are your personal goals?

My personal goals is to be a strength & conditioning player development coach professionally and to develop future scholar athletes specifically basketball of Elmont.

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How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?

I am humble and passionate. I can only describe my work ethic through the guidance, knowledge and power of God, and my parents.

What do you believe sets Elmont apart from any other community?

Elmont has a lot of talent and inspirational young leaders from all walks of life: music, sports, arts, fashion, business, politics.

What do you wish there was more of in Elmont?

I wish there were more social events all year around to bring and keep Elmont together as a community.

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If you could in one sentence, how would you describe Elmont?

Elmont is a place where people strive to make progressive changes for the better of the community.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten:

The best advice I gotten comes from the good book: “Use your God given gifts to serve others.”- 1 Peter 4:10. Whatever our gifts are it is important to use them in a way to inspire and encourage others to do their very best and that is what I strive to do on a daily basis.
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A special acknowledge to the “Brotherhood” a group of God fearing men from Elmont that I’ve built strong relationships with who inspires me and the community with their talents and God given gifts.
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Thank you to this leading light for granting us an interview. Keep your eyes peeled for Coach T as he inspires & uplifts Elmont’s student-athletes!

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