We Started Here: JoeBe


Every so often we come across someone who analyzes the world, looks at society and thinks to challenge the status quo by resolving to affect real change in a positive way. Our next young leader calls himself a “great listener” which enables him to communicate what he hears and sees by telling stories through music.

One thing is for sure, JoeBe is paying attention — to society, to his community and to his peers — and he draws inspiration from what he observes, working hard each day to become “legendary.”

In what is our final interview of the year, music artist JoeBe talks work ethic, success, talent in Elmont, Revolution and pride in his hometown.

We hope you please enjoy our interview:

Name: JoeBe

Age: 24

How long you’ve lived in Elmont: 24 years

Schools attended:

Elmont Road Pre-Kindergarten

Gotham Avenue Elementary

Elmont Memorial H.S.

SUNY Old Westbury (Bachelors in Finance)


What are your career goals?

All I know is I will be legendary. I will lead a revolution and help the people pass the psychology of oppression.

What are your personal goals?

To survive in America because when you tell the people go free you become a target.

How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?

I am a very hard worker. I don’t give up, I understand the importance of punctuality. I had to teach myself discipline through exercise. My work ethic is in my blood, it’s in my heart it comes from the people before me; my mother, my father I watched them live in this country for 24 years and they are still struggling. I’ve learned 9 to 5 is how you survive until you die. This thing called the “American Dream” is suicide. Your work ethic dictates your future!

What about your music do you think connects with people?

People always tell me that my music is refreshing. In my eyes it’s not my music that connects to the people it’s my message. You have to pay attention to my words play the songs over again analyze what is being said. I’m a great listener so I am able to tell stories — mine or yours it’s music everyone can relate to and if not relate to then understand.


How would you describe Elmont’s music scene?

Elmont is full of talented artists. The music is so diverse out here. I wish I was more connected with the musicians of this town. I feel like we should be more supportive of each other.

You’d be surprised how much people have a passion for music in this town and work towards that passion. We have people like Sam Hook being nominated for Grammies writing beautiful music. DJ Monumental he travels the world to DJ but still finding the time to host 3 on 3 tournaments in Elmont and inspire the young people of this town. We are a town filled with very talented people.

In what ways has being from or living in Elmont impacted your success, if at all?

I’m not successful yet. I’m no where near where I want to be. But being from Elmont made me who I am today. Seeing most of the people I grew up with and went to school with becoming successful pushes me to do my best. I’ve also seen some of my peers hit rock bottom and I don’t want to ever be in that position. Elmont made me who I am today and for that I am truly thankful. I’m leaving soon don’t wanna say to much but the town is on my back and in my heart I promise to make you all proud.


What do you wish there was more of in Elmont?

More black leaders.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten:

“Everyone goes against their code of honor!” Your actions will never shock me at the end of the day we are only human.

Thanks to this resolute revolutionary for taking time with us to interview. Keep your eyes peeled for JoeBe as he changes the world around him and makes Elmont proud!


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We Started Here will return in 2015.


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