#Exit13Challenge Shows Hip Hop’s Power To Unite A Neighborhood

#Exit13Challenge Shows Hip Hop’s Power To Unite A Neighborhood By Karl Valere Nearly one month ago, before the rise of the now popular, #MannequinChallenge and the #UNameItChallenge, Elmont natives circulated a buzz of their own by taking part in the #Exit13Challenge. The viral video challenge featured a bevy of Elmont lyricists hungry to showcase theirContinue reading “#Exit13Challenge Shows Hip Hop’s Power To Unite A Neighborhood”

The Young Black Hair Revolution

Source: Damon Young, The Root Magazine Named after Rakim from Eric B. & Rakim, the Rakim cut was a box with a part going from the front of the head to the back. It was a very popular hairstyle in 1989, a fact I remember quite vividly because I had one, too. By sixth grade, I’d cutContinue reading “The Young Black Hair Revolution”