The Elephants in Elmont: An Original Series

Have you heard of the elephants in Elmont? Well, they’re real. 

Our new original series “The Elephants in Elmont” with Contributing Writer and Elmont resident, Alexandria Harvey, debuts this week here on [Photo credit: Google Images] 
When there is said to be an “Elephant in the Room,” the implication is that there is an awkward or uncomfortable issue of which everyone is aware, but one they refuse to discuss.

The Elephant in the Room is hard to ignore. Avoiding it can mean giving way to complacency and missing real opportunities for growth by way of conflict resolution and problem-solving.

Large and looming — the elephant’s presence isn’t just distracting — it’s obstructive. The Elephant in the Room blocks any collective progress and limits a body’s forward movement.

Elmont - Header

As a community, Elmont residents cannot overcome the challenges that we refuse to face.

With help from local resident and Contributing Writer, *Alexandria Harvey, we will explore several of those challenges in the coming weeks as part of our brand-new “Elephants in Elmont” original series. Stay tuned!

By Karl Valere

Alexandria Harvey is a pseudonym.*

#WeAreElmont #ElephantsInElmont #HigherHeights


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