@BrodieFresh – ‘Pray’ (Music Video)

Life is full of conflict, but there’s always two sides to a story.

The name of the game is, “Perspective,” in the latest music video by Hip Hop artist, Fresh, who last month released visuals for his new track, “Pray,” from his upcoming debut album, FareWell.

In the video, the Elmont representer welcomes viewers on a narrative journey through a series of conflicts — between friends, lovers and perfect strangers — any of which could easily be based on a true story.

Fresh cranks out dense raps layered with the harsh realities of life — violence, heartache, selfishness — that befalls everyday people who may be in search of love, honor, money, peace or even understanding.

With sparse and eerie production by Chill Shump, and somber, flickering Roman renaissance art-inspired visuals by Dinner Land, Fresh explores his spiritual side fighting to remain intact in a world full of conflict.

As always, The Elmont Excelsior’s goal is simply to help elevate these young artists and celebrate their passion for music.

Stay connected to Fresh via his Instagram, Twitter and other forms of contact, in anticipation of his debut album, FareWell, coming soon.

Note: Check out the town famous Elmont Deli featured at the 0:32-0:42 mark in the video. Salute!


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