Nassau now with red-light, speed cameras


[Via Newsday]

School speed cameras showed up before we were ready.
And that meant we didn’t have many answers when readers began to ask questions after reporter Laura Figueroa’s July 26 story, which revealed that three speed cameras are already at work in Nassau.
We did know this much: The state law that authorized the cameras allows one in each school district — 56 in Nassau and 69 in Suffolk — and permits cameras to operate on school days, from one hour before school until one hour after, as well as during other school events and for a half-hour before and after.

Last week we asked Nassau County for some specifics about how the program is going to work. (We’ll catch up with Suffolk when its cameras begin operating, which is expected early next year.) Here’s what Christopher Mistron, Nassau County’s traffic safety coordinator, said in an email response:
Will signs advise drivers that speed cameras are being used?
Yes, signs stating “Speed Limit Enforced by Camera/Video” are in the school zones using the electronic enforcement.
How will drivers know what hours the cameras are in use?

The posted school zone signs will announce the hours a camera is in effect.

Will flashing lights be used to inform drivers when the cameras are in use?
Will posted school speed limits be uniform in all school speed zones?
All school zone speeds are established by the towns or incorporated villages and will not be altered by the county program.
On a street with multiple lanes, can the camera differentiate between drivers in different lanes?
Yes, the technology is able to differentiate the vehicles and their speeds in the different lanes.
How are the cameras activated?
Fixed, or stationary, cameras are activated automatically; mobile units will be activated when they are deployed. Regardless of the activation time, violations will be issued only for allowable times.
Will humans review the photos before tickets are issued?
All images captured will be reviewed by humans.
Will all cameras be in operation by the beginning of the school year in September?
It is the goal of the program to have as many of the locations become operational by the first day of school.
Is a list of all speed camera locations available?
A list will be made available as the rollout begins and construction is complete.
And, as for the tickets: Each will carry a $50 fine, plus the $30 administrative fee added to all traffic violations.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


[Via Judy Cartwright, Newsday]


6 thoughts on “Nassau now with red-light, speed cameras

  1. I just received my first ticket , there was no signs about any mobile trucks being located by the school or any type of warning of photo enforcement it is summer time ,the school is out why would they enforce such program during summer time but to cash in on people like me who think school ended June 26 , and speed limits around school are enforced only during time when school is in session. I had no idea about this program and that it would start before school even starts, I was not aware that speed limit restrictions around schools also apply during summer time when school is out
    The location of mobile truck is in front of Abbey Lane School in Levittown on Gardeners Ave. it is parked across from school and has traffic cones around it I thought it was some kind or commercial construction truck. It was flashing lights so obviously most people were getting tickets


  2. It is OUTRAGEOUS what is goin on at Gardiners Avenue by Abbey Lane School in Levittown, the sign posted says speed limit is during SCHOOL DAYS, although people are ticketed during summer weekdays…..when NO SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Same goes for Plainedge Middle School on Stewart Ave. There are no yellow blinking lights to warn anyone and school has not started yet. How are we supposed to know when the law is being enforced? I agree with the program 100% when it comes to possibly saving a child’s life but this is unfair.


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