A New Beginning at Green Acres Mall

[Long Island Herald] The Green Acres mall announced on July 10 [2014] that six retailers, featuring a mix of shops and restaurants, are making their way to town, with one already opened, according to a release. Popular eateries Panera Bread, Häagen-Dazs, Chipotle and Starbucks will join Justice, which opened in April, and Journeys Kids asContinue reading “A New Beginning at Green Acres Mall”

Nassau keeping quiet as to where, when new School-zone speed cameras will be in operation

  [Via Newsday] Nassau County’s Traffic and Parking Violations Agency no longer will disclose when new speed cameras come online or how many devices are operating at any given time, and instead has issued a list of 77 school zones where the cameras potentially can operate. Since the program began Sept. 2, Nassau has providedContinue reading “Nassau keeping quiet as to where, when new School-zone speed cameras will be in operation”

Nassau now with red-light, speed cameras

[Via Newsday] School speed cameras showed up before we were ready. And that meant we didn’t have many answers when readers began to ask questions after reporter Laura Figueroa’s July 26 story, which revealed that three speed cameras are already at work in Nassau. We did know this much: The state law that authorized theContinue reading “Nassau now with red-light, speed cameras”

Nassau buses get ready to increase fares by $0.25

[Via Newsday] Cash fares will rise 25 cents each way for riders of the NICE bus system beginning Sept. 1. Nassau’s Bus Transit Committee, after two public hearings Wednesday marked with criticism from riders and advocates, voted to help balance the service’s budget by raising fares for riders of the Nassau Inter-County Express who payContinue reading “Nassau buses get ready to increase fares by $0.25”