Four Pillars of Entrepreneurship: #BeHumble

Four Pillars of Entrepreneurship #CreateGoals #FollowThrough #BeHumble Words & photos by Joe DiDomizio for Today, Christopher views his position as a teacher and a business owner as an incredible opportunity to help promote growth in the community.   At the Long Island Barber Institute (LIBI) he has helped and continues to help young people realizeContinue reading “Four Pillars of Entrepreneurship: #BeHumble”

Luxury cars and push-button starts targeted for theft

[Via Nassau County Police Department] The NCPD has seen an increase in luxury cars and SUV’s being stolen in Nassau County over the past few weeks. Luxury vehicles with push button starts and key fobs are again being targeted. ***The thefts are occurring at all times of the day and night in which the carContinue reading “Luxury cars and push-button starts targeted for theft”