We Started Here: Johanna

“We Started Here” is a new initiative by The Excelsior to elevate the work and voices of young professionals, students and emerging leaders by way of Elmont, Long Island.


The spirit of a teacher lives on through the eyes and wisdom of a student.

Even contrarians who remark “those who cannot do, teach” have to admit they learned how to form words and sentences from someone who cared enough to teach them – You’re welcome, contrarians.

Fact is, for extended stretches of time, and usually at the most important time in a student’s life – a teacher is a guide – whose instruction enables the student to better navigate the obstacles of life.

A product of the Elmont school district, this young leader learned from the best educators in the area and pays it forward by following in their footsteps. Johanna, 24, is a high school teacher and hopes to educate a new generation towards a bright future.

We hope you enjoy our interview:

First Name: Johanna

Age: 24

How long you’ve lived in Elmont: 24 years

Schools attended:

Elmont Road Pre-Kindergarten School

Gotham Avenue Elementary School

Elmont Memorial High School

CUNY Queens College – Undergraduate and Graduate


What are your career goals?
I hope my students learn that they must always consider their future, and that they must work hard to achieve their goals.

What are your personal goals?
I am working to build a strong foundation for a safe and secure future.

How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?
I have a great work ethic, which developed by observing my parents growing up.

What do you believe sets Elmont apart from any other community?
I think Elmont is a community of diverse successful individuals.


What do you wish there was more of in Elmont?
I wish there was more events for the community, such as street fairs, festivals, etc.

If you could in one sentence, how would you describe Elmont?
A neighborhood of hardworking families.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten:
If you work hard now, you won’t have to work as hard in the future. (Advice remembered from a beloved teacher.)



Thanks to this young educator and a true example of Elmont’s finest for taking out time to interview. Keep your eyes peeled for Johanna as she educates & inspires a new generation of young leaders.



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