26 year-old filmmaker documents the lives of Long Islanders

Jordan Crafton is a 26 year-old man who was born in New Jersey, raised in Baldwin and who attended school at Uniondale High School in Long Island. He had dreams of becoming a jazz musician before he realized his passion was to pursue filmmaking as a career. In 2009, Jordan directed a film which documented the everyday lives of residents throughout Long Island, including Elmont.

“New York is socially regarded in what seems to be the ‘brightest’ of lights because of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs,” writes Crafton. “However, somewhere in the history and conversation, Long Island has been left out or rather much softly spoken.”

Crafton, along with his best friend, Tyrell Spencer, took the initiative to make the film, “My Block: Strong Island.” Since then it has earned awards and recognition near and far.

Crafton asserts My Block: Strong Island is about empowerment and strength. “If you don’t tell someone, then how are they supposed to know!”


For this and other Jordan Crafton films, visit http://www.jdcfilmsonline.com/index.html or click the photo link above.


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