We Are Elmont Brand-New ‘Community Pride’ T-Shirts

Elmont stand up! WeAreElmont.com is pleased to bring you another round of community t-shirts to showcase our hometown pride and unity.

Up next: ‘Community Pride’ t-shirts available for the entire Elmont community. [Photos by Sebastian Bass]
For years, Elmont has lived in the shadows and has been pushed to the margins of Long Island and New York. But today is a new day and age.

Elmont’s turn now: A new generation of Elmont natives is determined to put their hometown on the map. [Photos by Sebastian Bass] 
All in: Elmont students, parents, Alumni & community members can be fashionable and show community pride at the same time. [Photos by Sebastian Bass]
Get ready to grab your We Are Elmont ‘Community Pride’ t-shirts available in all sizes soon! Email us to reserve yours today! [Photos by Sebastian Bass]
Stay tuned to our Facebook page to find out when the t-shirts will be available in all sizes. Message us on Facebook or email us today to reserve yours – thenewelmont@gmail.com.

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