Young Elmont Men Feed the Homeless of New York City

Days before his 22nd birthday, Elmont native, Daniel Alexis, decided he wanted to do something different to celebrate this year:

The Class of 2012 graduate rounded up all of his friends in Elmont and set out on a mission to feed the homeless of New York City.

“I believe the greatest gift God gave us is to give with love,” Daniel says in the Shanel C. directed video entitled, #TheGiveback, encouraging others to commit acts of kindness and love on their birthday.


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.39.22 AM
Daniel Alexis, 22, of Elmont, starts #TheGiveBackChallenge, encouraging others to perform acts of kindness and love on their birthday. (Directed by Elmont native, Shanel C. Sponsored by Elmont-based apparel brand, Hard Work Clothing.) (Image Courtesy of YouTube/Vimeo.)


Daniel and his friends, of Elmont-based apparel line, Hard Work Clothing, traveled to Union Square-14th street and Pennsylvania Station with the following:

  • 10 boxes of pizza

  • Bottles of water

  • Winter hats

  • Hooded sweatshirts

  • Gently-used basketball sneakers

  • Care packages

  • Inspirational rocks &

  • Envelopes of money

Daniel says he was inspired to be of service to others this year. Here’s the full text of what he had to say in the video:

“I just turned 22. It feels like the same birthday I’ve had since I was very young. I feel in my heart it’s time for a change. To do something different for this birthday. Usually, I’d go out, get drunk, pop bottles, party and do all sorts of crazy things just to show that I appreciate life on Earth. This year, I’ll appreciate life in a different way. The greatest gift and challenge God gave us was life. So when I think of that I imagine every birthday that we have is a sign to give instead of receiving gifts. I’m not saying don’t accept gifts that you get on your birthday or don’t go out and have fun. I’m saying think about people who have birthdays and still have nothing, but are still thankful. So before you go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on items, just turn that cheek for that day. Use a portion of that money to give to somebody who’s struggling, or somebody who just doesn’t have much. I believe the greatest gift God gave us is to give with love. Because if it wasn’t for His love, we wouldn’t have anything to give.

Kudos to Daniel and his friends for taking action and showing genuine love.

“If your heart is not in it, then this challenge is not for you.” 





Film by  Shanel Charles (@shanel.x.o)

Produced by Daniel Alexis (@_letztalkmoney)

Sponsored by Hard Work Clothing (@officialhardwork)



6 thoughts on “Young Elmont Men Feed the Homeless of New York City

  1. Please look into donating to the Fortune Society in LIC which helps men & women reintergrate back in to society.
    They come out of jails seeking new opportunities & have nothing, most of the time homeless.
    Call me if you need help 516-662-1779


  2. Amazing! We are in need of mentors and volunteers to help older youth aging out of the foster care system on Long Island. These kids are likely to become homeless without connections. All of you guys in this video have so much to give! If you’ve like to learn more please visit our website www. or email me at Hope For Youth would love to connect with you.


  3. Take a bow gentleman…… Because that’s exactly what you are.
    I’m a native of Dublin Ireland and the world need men like yourselves. Wonderful story.


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