The Elmont Excelsior Thank Yous

As we reflect on 2015, our second year of service to the #Elmont community, we have much to be thankful for.

Over 10,890 unique readers visited our page this year for a total of 20,326 page views — THANK YOU to our dedicated and emerging readership!

This year we also brought a dream to life and kicked-off the First Annual Elmont Family Fun Day — THANK YOU to the event organizers, volunteers and participants for making it a true success, with nearly 200 Elmont residents/families in attendance!

Everyone who has supported our grassroots movement by purchasing a #StraightOuttaElmont t-shirt, we appreciate you!

Know that every like, comment, repost, share does not go unnoticed, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or on Instagram, we salute you all!

We pride ourselves on sharing relevant local news, while also creating authentic content and new initiatives as a way of reconnecting people back to their neighborhood (and vice versa) to make our communities a better place.

We are still extending an open invitation to anyone from the neighborhood who has a passion and is interested in giving back. Leave a comment or email!

Believe that greater, more dynamic, more exciting and engaging things are ahead for the 2016 year, which will likely be our last for this community project. But we won’t go quietly!! Not without leaving an impact.

We believe that we are more than enough to change our communities for the better. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.


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