Argo Civic: A Solar Panel Event

Dear Argo Civic Members and Friends,
On November 23, 2015, the Argo Civic Association meeting will be devoted to a comprehensive presentation on solar energy.  There will be a number of presenters that will provide information on the following: how solar energy benefits your pocketbook and the environment; leasing/purchasing and installation options; and, available state and federal rebates.
In September, Argo Civic brought you information on energy conservation: how to access free energy audits for your home and potentially save hundreds of dollars in energy costs simply by changing your bulbs from incandescent to LED or going as far as insulating your attic and walls.
This solar event promises to be very interesting and will provide additional information for you to add to your portfolio of knowledge about saving money by conserving energy.
Please join us for this event and bring your friends and neighbors. Please feel free to share this email or print the attached flier for your friends and neighbors.  All are welcome!!!
Thank you for your ongoing support of the Argo Civic Association.
Lisa Lite-Rottmann,
Argo Civic Association
The mission of the Argo Civic Association is threefold: first, to preserve the quality of life of our neighborhood; second, to keep the community informed on the issues of safety, education, the environment, and other issues impacting Elmont residents; third, to be an advocate for the community position on those issues with local and state government.

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