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You have a dream, go after it.

Kyron Dupont is a testament to this mantra. A dream-chaser and a go-getter; he has elevated his music and his brand to among one of the most recognizable on Long Island.

After discovering his talent for music at the tender age of 5, Kyron spent years cultivating his writing skills & also developing his stage presence, which helped him to overcome his timidity.

Through it all, the Sewanhaka graduate has kept close to the community, making sure to put his hometown, Elmont, on the map, wherever he performs.

Please enjoy our interview:

Interview by The Elmont Excelsior. Answers and Music by Kyron Dupont. 


Your Name:
Kyron Dupont


Favorite album of all-time:
I wouldn’t say my favorite but an album that got me thru a rough period in my life was Lyfe Jennings’ 268-192.


Artist whose legacy you admire:
I admire Michael Jackson’s legacy but I also feel robbed by his death, I feel like he could have moved mountains and made so much more change for the world.
But some of my favorite artist are Lauryn Hill, Nas, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, UsherR. Kelly and many more.


Year graduated from Elmont:
I graduated at Sewanhaka high school in 2009.


Hidden talents:
One of my hidden talents I would say is construction trade. I graduated at the top of my class in S.k.i.l.l.s USA.


I still express myself thru art but it isn’t something I choose to display, I draw, I like taking pictures, I like designing clothing but those are just hobbies to me.


How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?
My work ethic is good and it’s improving, I feel like half of your work ethic is fueled by hunger but the effectiveness of your work ethic is due to knowledge, and I’m still learning so as long as I have that want for knowledge and growth my work ethic will always improve.


There are plenty of artists. Does the Internet make it easier or more difficult for your music to reach people?
The Internet makes it more easier to promote and cheaper to promote.



In what ways has being from or living in Elmont impacted your success, if at all?
Well living in Elmont hasn’t really impacted my success to much. I love Elmont for other reasons other than my success as an artist. I love Elmont for the people in it that impacted my life outside of music. The people I wish I was still in contact with and some who I went to high school with.


What do you wish there was more of in Elmont?
I wish there were more artist/festival activity as far as large outdoor events that promote us and bring outsiders in to watch what we have going on. I wish Elmont would get unified but regardless if it does or not it does not effect my success that’s just something I would genuinely like to see.


What makes you unique or sets you apart as an artist?
I can only speak for myself as an artist. What I like about myself and my music is that: I’m me, I sing about my life any one that knows me knows that I tell stories; I express real emotions and feelings.


What is your favorite song of yours and why?
Right now my favorite song is: “Love is blind”. That’s because I love the message behind it. It teaches people to be conscious of love and it also feels good listening to it.


Lastly I want to shout out LuckyProductions and BlackChipKin.

Many thanks to Kyron Dupont for granting us this interview. As always, the views expressed is these songs and music videos (however innocent) do not necessarily reflect the views of The Elmont Excelsior. We simply want to elevate these young artists and celebrate their passion for music. Join us next week as we feature a new local artist, right here, back on The Scene.

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