The Scene: Warren Wint

Photos by Ricardo Capache, Clothing from School of Life
Photos by Ricardo Capache, Clothing from School of Life






Foreword by Tamar Charmaine

Life is about second chances.

It’s about getting up and trying again after falling. Elmont’s very own Warren Wint is a testament to that.

Failure pushed him to be great and a near-death experience helped him see the light.

Warren, who has been in cyphers with Making the Band’s Dylan (yes thatDylan) and has been featured on the legendary Video Music Boxhas not forgotten where he has come from.

On his road to success, Warren’s still repping Elmont and has even worked with many Elmont artists.

There’s not a question that Mr. Wint will make it far — Elmont is a breeding ground for talent — and he is living proof!

Photos by Ricardo Capache, Clothing from School of Life
Interview by The Elmont Excelsior. Answers and Music by Warren Wint. 
Your Name: Warren Wint
Favorite album of all-time:‎
Hard to say. IF I had to choose…ah man this is hard lol. Ok! I’ll go with Eminem’s The Eminem Show.
Artist whose legacy you admire:‎
This one is hard too! Ok, let’s go with 2Pac on this one.
Year graduated from Elmont:
Actually Graduated from SHS 2009.
Hidden talents:‎
Well if I tell they wouldn’t be hidden now would they? Ha! Hm, I would say producing. A lot of people don’t know I like to be behind the scenes with the music too. Cooking lol if that’s considered a talent.
Out of other forms of expression, what made you choose music?
I’ve always been a poet as a kid. Always writing poetry. So the transition would be easy.
But, what made me choose music is the fail of a freestyle battle back in 2003. It was to be a joke. But I took that experience seriously. Being booed off stage. It was supposed to be a joke! Going up there. But I left went home, told my brother about it. And, since then, I took steps to into taking music seriously.
How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?
Well let my friends tell you, they would say‎ I’m a workaholic! Personally, I would just say I like applying myself. The work ethic is always top notch. Just because I pride myself of succeeding.

It really comes from…when I almost died in this car crash I had, in 2010, I had an outer body experience. This caused me to be outside my body. Witnessing myself, all I could think about what I would’ve left back if I would’ve died. Nothing but sorrow and memories. Only for those left behind, to mourn.

It’s all about coming from, and giving back. Representing. I wanna die only to live forever. That kind of desire requires an intensive schedule only to be filled with all the efforts towards the main goal. THEE main goal.

There are plenty of artists. Does the Internet make it easier or more difficult for your music to reach people?
The Internet makes it easier my music to reach people you just have to be willing to invest the time to uploading your music everywhere and utilizing it’s many resources to market the music accordingly. It’s all mathematics!
In what ways has being from or living in Elmont impacted your success, if at all?
‎It’s home out here for me. I love the people. I love what I’ve become, living out here. For better or worse, this is my home! Elmont hasn’t impacted my success, per say. But, the fact that my town loves me, that’s success in its own right.
How would you describe the music scene in Elmont? Who are some other artists in Elmont you know of — Anybody you’d want to work with?
It’s interesting. A lot of potential out here. I feel like the artists have to give each other room to grow. Collaborate. Learn, study. Share. These things not only help the artists themselves, but each other.‎ The talent is real! D.B.D, Trevon Jamar, SKE The Heistman, Ozzyoz Da Vyrus, Tim Jean, a couple guys out here! I’ve actually in some way shape or form, worked with most of the artists from Elmont.
Photos by Ricardo Capache, Clothing from School of Life
What makes you unique or sets you apart as an artist?
Ha. If you ask me, it’s how I’m connected to. People may connect with me thru art, love me thru conversation. I feel like the artist of today struggles or conflicts with the difference between fantasy and reality. A lot of artists I meet, aren’t who they portray musically. For the most part anyway. Type surreal! Me, idk how to be dishonest or better yet dishonorable. I have a certain love and respect for this culture that most don’t have. My overall is what sets me apart. There’s so many different ways to love me!
What is your favorite song of yours and why?
“Love Will Stay The Same” off of my upcoming EP The Reset just because I touch on a real situation in my life. Me being a single father. Going thru the quarrels, the ups and downs of being in that position. And still thru it all, loving my child. Word.


Thanks to Tamar Charmaine for our foreword and to Warren Wint for granting us this interview. By the way, the views expressed in these songs and music videos do not necessarily reflect the views of The Elmont Excelsior. We simply want to elevate these young artists and celebrate their passion for music. Join us next week as we feature a new local artist, right here, back on The Scene. 


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