What Does Actress Gabrielle Union Have in Common with an Elmont Family?

Elmont Memorial High School Salutatorian, Harold Ekeh, and his family were featured by wellness brand, Tylenol, in a new ad campaign called #HowWeFamily, led by actress Gabrielle Union as it’s official ambassador.

In a nearly 3-minute video, the Ekeh family guides viewers through a typical day in their Elmont home, and talks about the true meaning of family.

“I describe my family as a body,” says 18 year-old Harold Ekeh, who made national news headlines this year after being accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools.

“My parents are the brains and the heart…my brothers we’re the hands and the feet. We all have our different functions, but we all come together to accomplish one goal, and nothing could happen without all those parts functioning.”

Tylenol cites “celebrating all families” as it’s campaign goal:

The Ekeh Family moved from Nigeria to New York to provide their children with the best opportunities. In their culture, people aren’t recognized by what they have, but by what they give. To them, family is about love, care, helping hands and hope for the future. Family means the Ekehs will go far in life, after all “family is the beginning of a dream come true.”

Gabrielle Union Tylenol How We Family The Elmont Excelsior Harold Ekeh Memorial High School Yale Ivy League Salutatorian

Actress Gabrielle Union is the official ambassador of the #HowWeFamily campaign.

“There’s no need to explain…there’s no need to debate…there’s no need to question. We just embrace that everyone — every family, every incarnation of whatever type of family that is — is good enough. As real…as valid…no explanations. That’s #HowYouFamily. Good enough for me.”

For more on the #HowWeFamily campaign, click here.

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