Crystal Haynes Presents: On Fire

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For Part 2 of our inspiration series, Guest Writer of Inspiration, Crystal Haynes, looks at the parallels between our lives and that of superheroes. Actor Michael B. Jordan (pictured above) stars in this summer’s blockbuster movie, “The Fantastic Four.” (20th Century Fox/Marvel)

Remember when you were five and had your life all planned out? You were going to be a superhero and save the world! Maybe your hero drove around in a fire truck or police car, may be even wore a stethoscope. Who ever it was and who ever you wanted to be can still happen! Don’t let the dream die.

Life and time has a way of forcing us to grow up and in that process we sometimes lose our wide-eyed ideas and goals, instead settling for what is practical and safe. Somewhere between boldly diving off of the back of the couch (because it seemed like a good idea at the time) and turning the tassels on our graduation caps at the end of college—we’ve embraced fear. The question to ask our selves is this:

Why can’t I be a superhero?

The answer: There is absolutely no reason why (you) we cannot become superheroes!

In essence what does a superhero do? They look out at their environment, see problems affecting the lives of others and possibly future generations and then they spring in to action.

You may not be able to fly and you may not want the cape (you probably want the Bat-mobile though) but what you have is powerful enough for you to start — the desire!

Flash back to what made you want to do what you planned BEFORE fear took a hold of you; let that be your fire. It won’t be easy and you will face challenges but fires don’t have fear.

Kindle: Start thinking again. Your ideas may change the world.
Smolder: Create a plan of action.
Blaze: Take action!

There is only one you and we — the world — need you. We’re waiting…
Written by Crystal Haynes of

Crystal Haynes - On Fire - Guest Writer of Inspiration Series - The Elmont Excelsior - Crystal Speaks

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