We Started Here: Iesha

“That art that matters to us–which moves the heart, or revives the soul, or delights the senses, or offers courage for living, however we choose to describe the experience–that work is received by us as a gift is received. –Lewis Hyde

We are nearing the end of our We Started Here series, which seeks to elevate the work and faces and voices of students, emerging social leaders and young professionals who are all products of the Elmont community — and things just keep getting better!

We are pleased to introduce the next dynamic young leader in our series — Iesha — a designer, creative artist, an aspiring entrepreneur and an Elmont native.

In our interview, Iesha discusses her work ethic, the journey of putting together her pieces, the joys of growing up in Elmont and how her family serves as inspiration for all that she does. She also shares her views of what’s missing in Elmont and how best to preserve core elements of the community for future generations.

Enjoy the interview!

Name: Iesha

Age: 24 years

How long you’ve lived in Elmont: 13 years

Schools attended:

Elementary: Dutch Broadway Elementary

High School: Elmont Memorial High School


Art Institute of New York City


What are your career goals?

To establish a brand to help individuals to become more creatively involved, evolved in our community by creating a business.

How would you describe the process of putting a piece of your jewelry together?

The process of creating my pieces (also known as Wearable Art) is so rewarding because I give individuals a chance to customize pieces and make it their own. I make sure I hand pick and research quality merchandise to meet the needs of customers looking for something rare and unique; whether it’s physically picking gem stones and beads from specialty shops myself or carefully picking items from vendors on the Internet. Everything is made with love.



What has been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment by far I would say is when my little brother nominated me for hero day for his school assignment. I Deeply cherished that moment because he stated that I’ve influenced him to be a better person as he is growing and experiencing life.

How would you describe your work ethic? Where does it come from?

My work ethic definitely comes from seeing my parents work hard to pay a mortgage and keep a roof over mine and my siblings’ head. As I am older they made everything seem much simpler than it actually was. They worked very hard and became very self-sufficient. That truly inspired me.


What do you believe sets Elmont apart from any other community?

Elmont to me is like a melting pot of other boroughs. A lot of families have migrated from the Queens or Brooklyn area. I feel like family and long lasting friendship have been a product of growing up in the community of Elmont which have established through the years.

Me being an individual growing up in Elmont I experienced the growth and evolution of my peers because we most likely went to the same Elementary school or a school in the district and most likely attended Elmont Memorial High School together. Living in a small town you cherish those moments. Weekends; Summers; etc. Living in Elmont to me always felt safe, it always felt like home. I LOVE ELMONT!


What do you wish there was more of in Elmont?

I wish there can be more creative platforms in Elmont, places to showcase talent and local venues where students and alumni can give back to the community so we can help make our next generation more proactive in keeping the togetherness of our community.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten:



Many thanks to this creative soul and giver of gifts for taking time to interview. Keep your eyes peeled for Iesha as she expands her business and spreads her vision to the world!

You may find Iesha’s jewelry, also known as Wearable Art, at Etsy.com. For custom and exclusive orders, contact her directly at callmethedopegirl@gmail.com.

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