Fares creep up to $2.50, N6X college bus service returns

On Aug. 31, N6X college bus service will be reinstated between Hempstead Terminal and Hofstra/NCC. Meanwhile on Sept. 1 cash fares will officially increase to across the county to $2.50.

Fare Increase

Effective September 1, 2014 cash fares will increase from $2.25 to $2.50 for regular riders of the NICE bus system. Senior fare, for those 65 and older, is $1.10 – while Student fare (with a Student pass) will be $2.10.

We shared a few months ago that “a handful of people raised concerns about the impact on the poor and working families who depend on the bus for work and daily living.” Anita Halasz, a representative of Long Island Bus Riders Union argued whether it is “appropriate to ask the poorest of the poor to fill this deficit.” (According to news reports, the increase is meant to help close a $3.3 million budget deficit.)

NICE expects the increase to generate $400,000 in annual revenue. The changes stand to maintain the current level of service. About a quarter of NICE’s 100,000 daily riders pay in cash. They will likely see their commuting expenses rise by $130 a year under the new plan.

Prof. Stephanie Sapiie displays what she would like her extra 25 cents to go to. [Long Island Bus Riders Union]

August 31 Service Change

NICE bus system informs the public, “We have reinstated n6X college service between Hempstead Terminal and Hofstra/NCC. This n6X college service will run until December 22nd, 2014, and will be suspended during winter break until classes resume again on January 19th. For service to NCC/Hofstra during this winter break, we suggest taking the n35 or n16 from HTC.

The changes will apply to 5 routes: n1, n6x, n20/21 and n35. NICE assures customers that “most of the changes are just minor tweaks to adjust to the Fall school year and make better connections with LIRR trains.”

For more info, get connected with NICE by visiting http://nicebus.com, their Official Facebook page, Twitter page and/or download the new (free) mobile app

How much will these changes affect you or someone you know? What is your experience as a rider in Nassau and what  do you expect?


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