Elmont Graduate Stars in a New Subway Mini-Documentary


Shravya_K_160130_0128-Naiika Sings 3
Photo by Shravya Kag


Elmont Class of 2006 graduate, Naiika Sings, was recently featured in a short film about her creative arts and musical journey along the subway lines of New York City.

Out of Transit, the docu-series by Visual Arts Masters student and cinematographer, Shravya Kag, follows Naiika along with several other creative artists who set up shop in New York City’s underground to dazzle, electrify and share invaluable moments with subway riders along their non-stop commute.


Shravya_K_160130_0045-Naiika Sings2
Photo by Shravya Kag


“I’m honored,” Naiika wrote of the film feature in a Facebook post.

Naiika is an Elmont native, who grew up singing at high school talent shows, landed a role in Elmont’s 2006 production of The Wiz, and most recently, came back to her hometown to perform at the First Annual Elmont Family Fun Day in September of 2015.

Her biography in the film describes Naiika as “a vibrant young lady with a gorgeous voice that echoes through the subway lines of 59th street Columbus circle A train stop and 23rd street, 6th avenue F train stop.”


Shravya_K_160130_0078-Naiika Sings1
Photo by Shravya Kag


Kudos to this Elmont star for pursuing her dreams and bringing even the most fleeting joy to New York City subway riders trying to make it through their day. 

Higher Heights

Out of transit is a photo-video essay on subway musicians, their style and what drives them into putting their music in an environment where the music and the audience can easily dissipate. Removing the transient environment of the subway from the visual approach, this series decontextualizes the musician giving a glimpse of them without the subway.

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