Fellow Alumni Join Elmont Graduate’s Fight Against Cancer


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Elmont graduate, Katiana Fongsam, 26, says that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer on Friday, February 26th, 2016. The “vibrant” and “silly” Elmont native is now inviting others to join her fight against cancer by supporting her Go Fund Me campaign through donations, kind words, thoughts and prayers. (Photo courtesy of Katiana Fongsam via Go Fund Me)


Source: Facebook, Go Fund Me

Friends, family, Elmont alumni and perfect strangers are showing an outpouring of support online for Elmont graduate, Katiana Fongsam, 26, who learned Friday that she is battling Stage 4 Cervical cancer.

The Elmont native, who is described as “vibrant”, “silly” and “outgoing” on her Go Fund Me Page, says she came into the year 2016 with goals just like anyone else but had no idea that she would soon be fighting for her life.

“I’d set goals focusing on my career, being a better woman, aunt, daughter, and friend,” Katiana wrote on her fundraising campaign page. “I had no idea.”

Katiana describes the ordeal in her own words:

“On February 20th, I went into the emergency room for the second time that week. I was experiencing abdominal pain, vomiting, and unexplainable weakness to my left leg. This time, the physician decided to order an Ultra Sound and CT Scan.

After several exams it was determined that an unknown mass was blocking the fluids from being released from my left kidney, therefore my kidney was inflated and would eventually fail if it was not resolved. The next day a Nephrostomy tube was placed into the affected kidney to drain the fluids. The next step was to remove the mass blocking my ureter. My surgery was scheduled for Thursday, February 25th, and although I was scared, I was happy to have this resolved. On Wednesday, around 6 pm I did an MRI of my spine and my cervix. I waited all day Thursday and was never called in for surgery. Numerous physicians came into my room to explain that based on the MRI results the surgery would be too risky. We later did a bedside biopsy.

On Friday, February 26th, 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical cancer. The cancer has spread to a nerve in my left leg, causing weakness, pain, and imbalance. The MRI also shows the cancer moving into my spine.”

Katiana says that she must now begin chemotherapy and radiation immediately, and therefore, is unable to work. She started the fundraising campaign as a way to alleviate the huge financial burden and help to get her the best treatment possible.

As of now, Katiana’s Go Fund Me campaign has amassed hundreds of shares, thousands of dollars raised and countless kind words and prayers.

Katiana writes, “God is my Healer. I am a fighter and I am ready to fight but I need your help! Please help me fight through this challenging period in my life!”

Join Katiana’s fight against cancer by visiting her Go Fund Me page in contributing in any way that you can.

We stand with Katiana.


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