Elmont Welcomes Its Newest Teachers

Source: Long Island Herald

The Elmont Union Free School District’s newest educators were welcomed to the district with a new-teacher orientation, a two-day program comprising workshops, meetings and motivational lessons led by building principals.

The orientation, which featured an inspirational speech by Superintendent of Schools Al Harper, was designed to encourage the new teachers to lead their students to new heights. The teachers participated in several activities, including a bus tour of the district’s six schools and workshops titled The First Days of School and The First Years of Teaching in Elmont.

Long Island Herald Elmont Teachers Workshops Union Free School District
New hire Jenna Sido, left, with District Mentor Kristine Blanco. (Photo courtesy of Elmont Schools/Source: Long Island Herald.)

During the latter, Alden Terrace School Principal Amy Buchanan and Stewart Manor School Principal Hope Kranidis led an interactive discussion on tailoring teaching methods to reach students in the most effective ways. The discussion touched on a self-assessment exercise known as the Reflective Cycle, elements of highly effective lesson planning, the importance of content knowledge, and how to relate all lessons to the Common Core State Standards.

Source: Long Island Herald

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