Crystal Haynes Presents: Rebounding

Sometimes I think about rubber bands. They are relatively small yet they stretch once, twice and- if done carefully- even thrice! It should not be a surprise that rubber bands can do this; they are named for their purpose, but think about it.

Rubber bands are circular and flexible; when a rubber band is stretched around a comparably larger object with or without similar shape, what happens? It adapts and exhibits strength and durability. After the rubber band’s job is complete, it rebounds to its original shape- sometimes a little wider. (If you notice, after you have stretched a rubber band a few times its capacity for more also increases.)

Darling, YOU are just like a rubber band and life is the object to which you are stretched around. It comes back many times in different forms to stretch you. Fighting life will not help; you have to take stock of the ‘object’ you are being stretched around. Figure out your way of adaptation. Adaptation is not giving up nor is it conforming and losing your identity, adapting is learning how to live and successfully function within the element of change. You have heard “Only the strong survive,” it is true.

Life increases our strength, durability and capacity. If you are feeling stretched and pulled beyond your limits—just know that you have just been upgraded! There is a saying about New York, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!” That applies to every push and pull life forces upon you.

To paraphrase a line from the movie, Miss Congeniality, “Be the rubber band, you are the rubber band.” Your next level of improvement is at arm’s length, reach for it. Do not give up!

Written by Crystal Haynes of


Higher Heights

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