Argo Civic


On Monday September 22, The Excelsior was in attendance as the Argo Civic members convened for the first time since being off on summer break. One of several civics in the Elmont area, Argo Civic is a volunteer group of residents who are “united in building a stronger, safer community.”

Some orders of business for this meeting included issues of pedestrian safety and traffic control, as well as other group activities and quality of life concerns. Argo welcomed Senator Jack Martins who gave a presentation on the “Heroin Highway” and the epidemic of drug use on Long Island.

Next steps: Oct. 27th – Community Meeting – Elmont Memorial Library, 7 p.m., Room 2. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member may email

The mission of the Argo Civic Association is threefold: first, to preserve the quality of life of our neighborhood; second, to keep the community informed on the issues of safety, education, the environment, and other issues impacting Elmont residents; third, to be an advocate for the community position on those issues with local and state government.


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